Mar 21

The UK Chamber of Shipping partners with ASN Media to present Making Waves: The Future of Shipping

The UK Chamber of Shipping partners with ASN Media to present Making Waves: The Future of Shipping


UK Chamber of Shipping has partnered with ASN Media to produce a news and current affairs style programme telling the story of the industry’s transformative journey to a sustainable future.

While much has already been done to improve environmental responsibility, the maritime industry remains committed to a greener, cleaner future. ‘Making Waves: The Future of Shipping’ will combine key interviews and special reports, featuring stories from the organisations and professionals that are driving efforts across the sector to tackle climate change and reduce shipping’s footprint on the environment.

Presented by Rob Bell (BBC, Channel 5, Travel Channel), the programme will explore progress in green technology & fuels, automation, efficiencies, digitisation, collaboration, market-based measures and lobbying efforts for further regulation. It will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and best practice, whilst raising awareness on these critical issues and in turn, inspire the next generation.

‘Making Waves: The Future of Shipping’ will launch ahead of COP26 at London International Shipping Week, September 2021. It will then be promoted through an extensive digital marketing and communications campaign to an audience including the UK Chamber’s network, government and the wider international maritime sector.

Organisations interested in contributing should contact Max Smith of ASN Media at:


Bob Sanguinetti, Chief Executive of the UK Chamber of Shipping said: “It’s inspiring to see the UK shipping community pulling together to embrace the challenges and opportunities we face in reducing emissions. We are excited to embark on this partnership with ASN Media to champion the successes and untold stories that demonstrate our industry’s shared ambition to take action on climate change and protect the environment.”

Max Smith, Director, ASN Media said: “The shipping industry is crucial to the UK economy, bringing in nearly £19 billion and supporting 181,000 jobs, however with sustainability at the forefront of the global agenda, the industry is having to rapidly adapt and innovate to meet ambitious plans to decarbonise. There are exceptional developments being made within shipping to secure a positive future, and we are excited to engage with the sector to bring these to light.”