Apr 24

UK Chamber of Shipping a Member of Critical Imports Council

The UK Chamber of Shipping is delighted to announce that our CEO, Rhett Hatcher, is a member of the government’s Critical Imports Council.

The government is taking action to safeguard the flow of vital goods such as medicines and smartphone chips with the new Critical Imports Council.

The Council's first meeting, held last Wednesday, brought together 23 industry experts responsible for securing the flow of the UK supply chain. 

Our CEO Rhett Hatcher, was in attendance and said:

As an island nation the UK relies on shipping to deliver its energy, food and medical supplies with billions of pounds worth of imports each year.

In an unpredictable world, it is vital that the UK government acts to improve the UK’s resilience to global supply chains shocks. The establishment of this Council is an important step and will enable us to work together to tackle our collective challenges.

I look forward to joining other leaders from across our supply chains, government and academia to ensure that we have robust UK supply chains helping our economic prosperity, national security and essential services.

Read the full press release on gov.uk.