We will ensure that we consistently provide advice, services and products to our members and the wider maritime industry that meet or exceed their requirements and expectations. 

We will tirelessly lobby and advocate on their behalf to ensure that our members are able to thrive in the best possible business environment. Through regular engagement and survey of our members, we will ensure that we are meeting their needs and provide a high-quality service. 

Our Quality objectives are reviewed annually through set KPIs. These KPIs are reviewed, monitored, updated and agreed by the Executive Board through the implementation of the Chamber’s Strategic Plan.  

The annual Management Review provides the necessary framework in which to monitor and update our Quality Management System, thus ensuring our commitment to the Quality objectives is continuously met.

We are actively committed to assuring quality improvements through our staff with thorough induction, training, personal development planning and regular appraisal and feedback processes that enable each employee to do their job to the best of their ability.

This policy has been devised by the UK Chamber of Shipping Senior Leadership team and endorsed by the Supervisory Board.  It is explained and discussed during the first week of induction for all new employees and has been reviewed with all current employees.

We expect all our staff to know what the Quality policy means to them as it affects their job or position within the Chamber, and have put the measures stated here in place to ensure this is the case.  

The policy is provided to all staff within their induction pack and covered during half-yearly and annual appraisals to ensure its understanding and application.