With a wide variety of seafarer training offered across the UK, how can the best courses and the most professional training centres stand out from the crowd?

The UK Chamber of Shipping’s Recognition Services provides the answer.

Through this programme, the UK Chamber of Shipping gives official recognition to seafarer training that meets its demanding quality criteria. Both Course and Centre Recognition Services are available.

Carrying the UK Chamber’s Recognised quality mark offers an important and very visible differentiator when centres market their seafarer training courses.

“We want to recognise and reward the excellent standards of training delivered to our seafarers both nationally and internationally – and what better way to do that than recognising quality course provision delivered through quality centres?”

Kathryn Neilson, UK Chamber of Shipping

"We are thrilled to receive this [course] recognition from the UK Chamber of Shipping... It underscores the dedication and hard work of our team in delivering unparalleled education and training to aspiring seafarers. This acknowledgment further motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in maritime education."

Chris Frisby, Director of training and operations at UKSA