The UK Chamber of Shipping has long promoted good safety practices and collaborative working. Promoting the safety, health and welfare of seafarers is essential to us.

We encourage members and stakeholders to openly share information on experiences, either good or bad, and practices that help reduce accidents, the barriers to their adoption, and lessons learned.

Safety Culture Charter

The Chamber has published a Safety Culture Charter that encourages ship owners to share information openly, whether on the practices helping to reduce accidents and the barriers to their adoption or the critical lessons to be learned when things go wrong. 

The Charter has been signed by companies representing nearly 90,000 seafarers and over 1,500 ships. 

Safety Culture Conference 

A flagship event of the shipping calendar, our two-day conference brings together over 100 partners from across the shipping industry to hear the latest thinking on effective safety culture, share best practice and provide a focal point for collaborative working. 

You can find out more about this year's Safety Culture Conference and read a review of last year's conference. 

Working with others

The Chamber works collaboratively with a wide range of organisations whose expertise complements that of members and contributes to its policy positions and statements. We are developing a position paper regarding the carriage of lithium-ion batteries on ships as cargo and in electric vehicles.

It’s in the interests of all operators to share good practices and learn from each other. The Chamber is proud to be a member of Together in Safety, which provides tools and free resources to support company programmes to improve safety. 

We actively work with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to ensure that legislation and guidance on safety are fit for purpose and have cross-industry support. 

We also work alongside the maritime trade unions on the National Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Committee (NMOHSC), which has published the downloadable guidance below: