Aug 23

Merchant Navy Training Board Strategy

The Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) is delighted to announce the eagerly anticipated launch of its new MNTB strategy, a clearly set vision that sets sail towards a future of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the maritime industry.

The MNTB has created a forward-looking strategy that aims to meet the evolving demands of the industry, embracing change and ensuring the training we deliver here in the UK will equip our seafarers with the skills they need to secure a rewarding career in a global industry.

To respond as effectively as possible to the recommendations in the Maritime Skills Commissions review of cadet training and education system, the MNTB met at the end of 2022 to conduct a full state of the industry assessment with our board members. 

We highlighted our strengths and our weaknesses, identified future challenges and new opportunities, and refreshed our purpose. We agreed on priorities and have now created a framework of measurable key objectives that we can take forward to ensure the MNTB can navigate the challenges of an ever-evolving industry.

Mark Bobby, Chair of the MNTB, said: 

"The new Merchant Navy Training Board Strategy is designed with one core mission: to produce a highly skilled and competent workforce that will lead our industry into the future. 

"The new strategy is the culmination of tireless efforts, valuable insights, and collaborative partnerships involving our board members and key stakeholders. With our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we will work tirelessly to ensure seafarer training and education meets industry needs now and well into the future.

View the new strategy document below: