Feb 24

Chamber President and CEO Meet IMO Secretary General

Yesterday, Chamber President JB Rae-Smith and Chamber CEO Sarah Treseder met the IMO Secretary-General Arsenio Dominguez at the IMO headquarters in London to discuss matters of mutual interest.

The discussion centred around seafarer safety and welfare, progress on decarbonisation, and security. Mr Dominguez reiterated his commitment to reaching a global consensus on both a technical and economic measure to deliver on shipping’s ambitious goals for achieving net-zero by 2050. He also emphasised that the welfare, safety and training of seafarers would always be his first priority. 

JB Rae-Smith, commenting on the meeting, said:

I was encouraged by the degree of energy and commitment that the Secretary-General Dominguez is bringing to bear in tackling the biggest issues facing our industry. His open and collaborative approach will, I am sure, deliver great results, and he can count on the full support of the UK Chamber of Shipping.

Meanwhile, Employment and Legal Policy Director Tim Springett will lead the shipowners delegation at the joint IMO-ILO debate on harassment next month. Members who wish to contribute to this work, please contact Tim Springett.