Jan 24

Chamber holds roundtable with Shadow Maritime Minister

Today, the Chamber hosted a shipping decarbonisation roundtable with Shadow Maritime Minister Mike Kane MP.

Chamber members from across the shipping sector attended to discuss with Mr Kane how a future Labour Government could support shipping on its journey to net zero.

Opening the roundtable, Mike Kane highlighted Labour’s commitment to job creation and growing investment while helping the industry and the wider maritime sector reach net zero.

The roundtable discussed several issues, including:

  • The importance of a Labour Government introducing a long-term plan for shipping decarbonisation as soon as possible in the next Parliament.
  • Policy mechanisms that can aid shipping on the path to net zero including providing certainty over shore power rollout and incentivising the take up of future fuels.
  • An exemption for lifeline ferry services from the UK Emission Trading Scheme so they can continue to provide crucial services to island communities across the UK while reducing their carbon emissions.

Commenting after the roundtable, the Chamber’s Director of Communications, Tom Bartošák-Harlow said:

This was an excellent opportunity for the shipping industry to highlight to Mr Kane the key issues that a future Labour government would need to address to help the sector reach net zero. I’d like to thank him for taking the time to hear from the industry.

Many sectors have long term plans for decarbonisation and we need to see a similar plan introduced for shipping. By working with the next Government to formulate such a plan industry will then be able to accelerate plans to decarbonise while continuing to be at the heart of UK economic prosperity and wellbeing.