December 2015

UK Chamber Master's Guide to Cyber Security

port scene

Written together with the Government’s Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure, the guide shows that by addressing human factors, physical security and ensuring IT best practice ships will be more resilient.

The guide is written in non-technical language to ensure it is accessible to those for whom English is not their first language and it includes an ‘aide-memoire’ to give quick, practical advice to Masters.  It is not UK specific and relevant to all nationalities of vessel, operator and crew.

UK Chamber CEO, Guy Platten, said of the Master's Guide:

“Maritime Cyber Security is a topic of serious concern to the shipowning  community.  It affects almost all areas of ship operations and has significant implications for safety and business risk.

“There is a very strong case that by raising awareness and providing practical, non-technical advice at the ‘frontline’, significant resilience is created. The UK Chamber’s Master’s Guide to Cyber Security provides this bottom-up approach. It ensures that Masters, crews and those who directly support them ashore have knowledge of the threat and are provided with practical methods to ensure ships are less likely to be victims of a successful attack.“

This publication is also available as an e-book.