Maritime Safety Week: 9-13 July

  • Published: 29th June 2018
  • Category: Briefings
  • Committees: Health & Safety, Harbour Towage, Safety & Environment, Offshore Panel

Maritime Safety Week

The Maritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani MP,  has launched the inaugural Maritime Safety Week, which will run from 9-13 July. 

The Minister recognises that safety is absolutely critical to underpinning success at every level and wants to raise awareness and highlight the excellent work which is already being done across our diverse industry to strive for excellence in safety. 

Maritime Safety Week has been created to do this and provide a focal point to recognise the contributions and celebrate success.

As an island nation the UK has always depended on the seafarers, shipping and the wider maritime industry for prosperity but safety isn’t just a concern for professional mariners who undertake their roles in what are often difficult and dangerous circumstances. All users of the maritime environment, from recreational mariners to casual beach goers, need to understand the risks.

To succeed, the Department for Transport is requesting the industy's help and has established Maritime Safety Week to provide an opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge, experience and best practice which the industry has and to increase the understanding of what the sector is already doing to respond to the safety challenges it faces as well as plans for the future.

Members are invited to view the attached letter from the Maritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani MP, outlining the objectives of Maritime Safety Week and asking for your assistance in ensuring this is publicised as widely as possible to the industry. DfT have created the hashtags #maritimesafetyweek and #maritimesafetymatters specifically for this purpose. 

The DfT are welcoming ideas, plans and initiative from industry and are using the email address for any queries and assistance. 


Maritime Safety Week
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