I have just completed my first contract as a Third Officer onboard the LNG carrier, Pan Americas, owned by Seapeak. My duties included the 8-12 watch, maintaining the ship's Life-Saving Appliances, and port papers and not to forget, managing the bond. I was lucky enough to also experience my first dry dock in Singapore, where, as expected, I learnt so much and gained some very valuable experience. 

During my contract, we sailed between Australia, Singapore and Japan. The Singapore Strait was certainly an eye-opener for me and gave me a real appreciation for the scale of the job we all carry out onboard on a day-to-day basis. 

Throughout the ship's drydock, it was great to see operations that we usually wouldn't get a chance to see. Working with the manufacturers on the lifeboats being one of these, and carrying out the load test on the boats. I don't think anyone can comprehend the size of an LNG carrier until they're either climbing up the pilot ladder, walking around a dock bottom, or climbing into a cargo tank for the first time. Drydock was certainly a memorable moment in this contract and was made all the better with shore leave!

My most memorable day onboard would be my first mooring operation. Mooring is something I always thought I would struggle with, but with the support of my mooring team, and their combined experience and knowledge, the mooring was a great success. I will happily enjoy my leave at home but look forward to seeing what my next contract will bring.

As this was my first fully operational contract, I owe a great deal to the Officers and Crew onboard. People like this make the hard days a little easier and encourage you to push yourself just that little bit further. Thank you!