I am a stewardess with Seatruck Ferries where every day feels like a new challenge. The ship is a 2nd home away from home, where I spend half the year. I feel like I am part of a family onboard, and I want the crew to feel the same way.  I want to make sure that all the crew feel positive and looked after from the moment they wake up to the time they go to bed. 

Before getting a job at sea, I always wanted to meet different people and cultures from around the world.  Travelling and meeting people was a big attraction. My parents used to take me away for holidays and I wanted to continue that in my working life.

I started my sea career on cruise ships 17 years ago.  I started as an assistant steward and moved through the catering side ranks into the luxury restaurants as a passenger-facing waitress and housekeeping.  I enjoyed meeting all the different people, having a supervisory role with the juniors, and seeing them develop their skills.  I even remember a new pot washer from India who I trained from new and who is now a hotel manager, which makes me happy. Working on a cargo ship now has given me a whole new challenge after cruise ships, and it is nice to bring a piece of the cruise ship experience to the cargo ship crew and passengers.

I thoroughly recommend other women to go to sea in any role, from hotel to engineering to deck.  From what I see, a mixed crew brings the best out of everyone and increases the happiness of everyone.  It makes the ship more than a workplace, but a large family, it also, more importantly, allows people to see the world, and develop their own skills in a way that is not possible in a land-based job.  On my current ship, I work with two other Stewardesses and a Deck Officer who are women and the atmosphere onboard is always happy.