As a child, I was always curious but I certainly didn’t think my curiosity would lead me to mechanical engineering or the marine industry.

After completing the Bac (the equivalent of A-Levels in France), I went to university in Rennes to study physics, chemistry, maths, and earth sciences. Once in university, I quickly realised that the course wasn’t for me, so, after my first year I decided to try mechanical engineering and immediately loved it. I discovered a love for CAD design and making things, using the lathe, milling machine and the small foundry we had. 

After completing my degree, I began an apprenticeship in naval engineering – I spent half of my time doing hands-on work at a shipyard and the other half studying. At the shipyard, I managed the dry docks of small ships, working as part of the team managing the maintenance of 105 small tugs and various barges, pilot boats and crane ships. I found that I really enjoyed it and was passionate about problem-solving and project management. I even completed part of my thesis while I worked at a shipyard in Vietnam. 

Once I’d completed my master’s degree, I took on a role at a shipyard in Rotterdam. I remember my only criteria to accept the position was to be near the sea, as sailing has always been a great passion of mine. My first role was as a Vessel Maintenance Surveyor on a DP3, 330m pipe-laying vessel. There aren’t many ships that are more complex than this, however, I enjoyed the challenge.

During Covid, I was supposed to go back to Paris. Instead, I moved to the UK, where I found a job as a Trainee Superintendent for a cable laying company and soon after was promoted to Junior Superintendent. 

I joined Bibby Marine in October 2022 as Innovation Engineer and Vessel Manager – I am again enjoying the project management side of the role, as well as the drive to build and operate cleaner ships, which I am heavily involved in. 

The marine industry is a tough industry to be in for a woman, but we can push to make it a better place. We bring just as much as anyone to an industry where nothing is impossible.