In light of National Careers Week, we interviewed Harry Kemp and asked him about the decision to become a Cadet Officer.

Why did you choose a cadetship?

"The cadetship allowed me hands-on training as well as practical which was a huge benefit. I didn't want to do the traditional university route due to student finance. When I found out I can be paid to learn, have no tuition costs, travel the world and meet incredible people it was a no-brainer. A cadetship also allows you to transition into your career smoothly as you've done all of your hands-on training. The opportunities once finished your training are endless, whether you want to stay at Sea or take a shoreside job, which was a huge incentive".

What have you liked most about your training so far and why?

"My biggest enjoyment throughout the cadetship has been the training onboard the vessels. Practically carrying out jobs and using the systems. It makes studying so much easier as you've practically done it. I was a deep-sea cadet who's recently qualified and I was always excited to get back out to sea, as much as you're always learning the downtime on the vessels was great, we frequently had BBQs watching the sun set in 30-degree heat, and wouldn't love that alongside great crews! ".

What would you say to someone thinking about starting their career at sea?

"I would confidently say do it. It's challenging yet rewarding at the same time. You never stop learning, and I've met so many great people from my cadetship. I have no regrets about choosing my career choice as a deck officer and I couldn't see myself in any other industry. There's a lot of problem-solving and finding alternative ways to get around problems and when it all slots together it's a great feeling".

What challenges have you experienced so far in your cadetship and how have you overcome them?

"There is a lot of studying and a lot to learn, however, if you're consistent with your studying you will have no problem. My college friends and I would set up study groups and ask each other questions which also made it so much easier".

Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time?

"In 10 years time I see myself at sea hopefully as master mariner!".