May 24

Griffon Hoverwork Awarded Course Recognition by the UK Chamber of Shipping

The UK Chamber of Shipping is pleased to announce that Griffon Hoverwork has been awarded course recognition for its Type Rating Certificate (High-Speed Craft – Hovercraft) course.

This recognition signifies Griffon Hoverwork's commitment to maintaining high standards in training for the hovercraft industry.

Griffon Hoverwork, a leading manufacturer of hovercraft, has demonstrated that its Type Rating Certificate course meets the rigorous standards set by the UK Chamber of Shipping through its recognition service.

The course provides comprehensive training for hovercraft operators, covering areas such as navigation, safety procedures, and emergency response and is delivered by experienced instructors incorporating practical, hands-on training to ensure that operators are fully prepared for the challenges of operating high-speed craft.

"We are delighted to receive course recognition from the UK Chamber of Shipping for our Type Rating Certificate course," said Adrian Went, managing director of Griffon Hoverwork. "This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our training team, who are committed to delivering the highest standards of training for the hovercraft industry. We look forward to delivering more top-quality training for hovercraft operators around the world as the hovercraft market continues to grow."

For more information about Griffon Hoverwork's Type Rating Certificate course, please visit their website.