Jun 24

Joint Ports-Shipping Environmental Sustainability Working Group

In person safety culture conference
Monday 3rd June 2024
In person safety culture conference
11:00 - 15:00
Well Safe Defender
International Chamber of Shipping office

Hosted in collaboration with the British Ports Association (BPA) and the UK Major Ports Group (UK MPG)

This meeting will take place from 11:00 to 15:00 BST, at the International Chamber of Shipping offices in London.

Hosted in collaboration with the British Ports Association (BPA) and the UK Major Ports Group (UK MPG), the Working Group provides a platform to address operational challenges and explore solutions related to environmental and decarbonisation issues affecting both the port and shipping sectors. Members should be aware that the primary aim of this group is not to formulate policy but to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences and foster practical cooperation within the UK context.

The agenda for the meeting will feature presentations by representatives from the Port of Dover, Port of Los Angeles, and the European Sea Ports Organisation, as well as UK government officials. Topics of discussion will include advancements in net-zero measures for ports, adoption of future fuels, creation of green corridors, marine parks, and management of underwater radiated noise.

A complete list of speakers and a detailed agenda will be distributed in the coming weeks. Members are encouraged to reserve this date in their calendars to ensure participation. 

Please be advised that this session will be conducted in-person only, virtual participation will not be available.

For organisational purposes, Members are requested to register using the following link. Upon registration, a calendar invitation will be issued to assist with personal scheduling.

Contact: Elise Nyborg-Policy Advisor (Environment)