October 2021

Passage Planning Guide - English Channel, Dover Strait and Southern North Sea - 2021 Edition


This 2021 Guide is an essential resource for any ship navigating the English Channel, Dover Strait and Southern North Sea.

Published in conjunction with the UK Chamber of Shipping, it contains passage planning information and the latest navigational guidance and practical advice for the region. It includes full-colour, pull-out chartlets, details of traffic hotspots and main ferry routes, weather and tidal information, and TSS and VTS information.

This Passage Planning Guide provides up-to-date information for the safe and controlled transit of ships through the English Channel, Dover Strait and Southern North Sea, covering passages to and from:

  • MAAS/Rotterdam
  • Sunk/Thames
  • Wandelaar/Schelde
  • Elbe/Weser/Jade.

The 2021 edition has been fully revised and updated with assistance from serving deep-sea pilots and leading industry organisations. It now includes guidance covering German Bight.

The Guide will be a valuable source of reference at every stage of the passage (appraisal, planning, execution and monitoring). It highlights aids to navigation, traffic separation schemes, distinctive chart features, traffic hotspots, potential hazards, etc, which are essential considerations for a controlled and safe passage.

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