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About the Charter

The UK Chamber of Shipping, with the support of their members, has developed a ‘Safety Culture Charter’ to promote and adopt a positive Safety Culture within their member organisations.

Leading from the top down, with the aim to reduce the number of accidents and incidents at sea, this Charter will encourage senior management to review their organisation's current safety culture and make a personal commitment to improving it.

The Safety Culture Charter will be a supplement to, and complement, the work already being done by organisations in terms of their safety objectives and safety management systems (SMS) without creating additional burden on current resources.

The Charter looks at making safety a top priority, driving a Just Culture and continued collaboration with the UK Chamber of Shipping and other member companies.

Through ‘Commitment Actions’, companies will be able to review their progress and share experiences with other adopters of the Charter to improve their safety culture.

For more information about the Safety Culture Charter or adoption of the Charter, please contact the UK Chamber of Shipping: