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Weekly Bulletin: Friday 18 August 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bulletin.

Looking ahead to London International Shipping Week, we have the pleasure of announcing that the Maritime Minister, Baroness Vere, will be attending our Future and Alternative Fuels seminar.

This week, we have an update from the Policy environment team on the UK Emission Trading Scheme (ETS). Following various consultations regarding elements of the scheme and our position, we are seeking further feedback. If you'd like to know more about this or submit your feedback, please find out below how to do it.

The Chamber is also preparing for a series of key meetings on offshore renewables. Members who'd like to know more about the latest developments are invited to read our third item under the What's New section.   

What's new

Baroness Vere to Attend Chamber LISW Event: Future and Alternative Fuels Seminar

The Chamber is delighted to announce that Baroness Vere will open our seminar on Future and Alternative Fuels, during London International Shipping Week (LISW), on Thursday, 14 September, at 9 am.

Baroness Vere will share with the shipping community the latest thinking from within Government about alternative fuels.

You can find out more about this or all other events by visiting our event section on our website.

UK Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) Update

Since the announcement of the UK ETS on 03 July 2023, the Chamber has been involved in discussions with the DfT, the Department of Energy, and HM Treasury representatives on different elements of the scheme, and a few consultations have been carried out to discuss the position with Members.

Consultations included possible derogation on small islands services, the Scope of the scheme and the Maritime Emission Model. Members are invited to give feedback and discuss elements of the scheme in preparation for further discussion with Government representatives at the beginning of September 2023.

For more information or if you'd like to provide some input, please contact our Policy Director for Environment, Francesco Sandrelli.

Offshore Renewable Developments

Chamber engagement with offshore wind developers continues at pace, ensuring the interests of navigational safety are represented.

Below are some crucial key dates:

  • The Chamber will be in Bristol on 22 August for the Llyr Project (floating wind) hazard workshop, proposed for the Celtic Sea and may impact port access to Milford Haven.
  • We will also meet with North Falls OWF on 23 August to discuss their proposed development amendments for the site, which sits adjacent to the SUNK TSS area. We lobbied that the initial development presented an unacceptable risk to navigation, and we will update members when able.
  • Meeting with Five Estuaries OWF on 29 August to discuss further mitigation measures for the proposed development near SUNK TSS. Due to Chamber lobbying, the OWF reduced its development array area for navigational concerns at an earlier stage, but some concerns remain for the resulting channel.
  • The Chamber will meet with Ossian OWF on 31 August for a (floating wind) hazard workshop proposed for Scottish waters.
  • Lastly, we will be in Liverpool on 28-29 September for a second hazard workshop for the Morgan, Mona, & Morecambe wind farms proposed for the Irish Sea. The proposed developments showed an unacceptable impact on navigational safety and lifeline ferry services schedule, and following lobbying efforts have been reduced in size. The workshop will examine whether the reductions in array size will be acceptable from a safety perspective.

Members with queries or comments about any of the above, including any other offshore renewable development queries, should contact Robert Merrylees.

MNTB Bridge Watchkeeping Simulator Skills Part 1 Course

Last week, the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) was pleased to attend the first Bridge Watchkeeping Simulator Skills Part 1 course at the Fleetwood Nautical Campus.

The course, divided into two parts, was designed by the MNTB to enhance cadets’ training experience at sea. Once approved by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and the International Maritime Organisation, the course will give cadets a better and more effective experience when joining a vessel for the first time. This could potentially lead to 30 days remission of sea time.  

Feedback from the cadets on the course was extremely positive, with one cadet saying that this course is perfect if you have not been to sea before. He added: "Now when I get to sea, I'll actually know what to do on the bridge".

If you'd like to know more about the course, please contact the MNTB Director Kathryn Neilson.

Latest member updates

Chamber members are reminded that they have exclusive access to a range of updates from the Chamber’s policy experts on a wide spectrum of issues. You can access all your resources through your member dashboard.

The latest updates this week include:

If you haven't done so, don't forget to register for an account.

Upcoming Events

In-person: Safety Culture Conference 

The event aims to build on the acclaimed 2022 conference in Liverpool, which focused on the role of top management in determining safety culture. The theme for this year’s two-day conference will be “Establishing a Learning Culture”, with interactive presentations from experts from inside and outside the maritime sector.

Join us in person on 3 and 4 October 2023 at the Harbour Hotel in Bristol. 


LISW event: Future and alternative fuels - what will come out on top?   

The range of future and alternative fuels as shipping decarbonises is significant but which will succeed is less clear.

The UK Chamber of Shipping is bringing together shipping leaders and advocates for a range of future and alternative fuels including, nuclear, methanol, hydrogen and ammonia to discuss the opportunities and challenges they each face.

The event is free but places are limited.


LISW event: Building resilience through trade  

In an increasingly uncertain and unstable world where events in one nation or region often have global ramifications how we manage trade and trade deals is increasingly important.

This event will explore with leaders of the international shipping community, major retailers, manufacturers and politicians the crucial role of strong and sustainable trading relationships and how to ensure trade helps, rather than hinders, global resilience.

The event is free but places are limited. 


LISW event: Great British Green Tugs 

The British Tugowners Association (BTA) in collaboration with British Ports Association (BPA) is hosting a joint seminar for London International Shipping Week (LISW) on construction and operation challenges faced by green hybrid & electric tugs in the UK.

Kindly sponsored by Harland & Wolff who recently launched a consortium to build green tugs, we will hear from them as well as leaders and experts across design, battery manufacturer, vessel ownership, port infrastructure and finance.


15th Annual Capital Link Shipping & Marine Services Forum

Capital Link, in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange, will host a Shipping and Marine Services forum on Tuesday, 12 September.

This event draws one of the highest concentrations of shipping company executives during the LISW23, aiming to provide investors with a comprehensive review and current outlook of the various shipping markets and cover topics of critical interest to industry participants, financiers and investors.

To read the full agenda and register for this free event, visit the Capital Link event page.

Autumn Lunch 2023 

The Chamber has just launched its annual Autumn Lunch at the Harbour Hotel in Southampton. There will be an opportunity to ask our President Graham Westgarth questions during our Q&A, followed by a three courses lunch.

Click below to book your table or tickets.


Introduction to Shipping Course

The Chamber’s Introduction to UK Shipping online course is an engaging online snapshot which will give participants an understanding of how the UK shipping industry operates, the regulations, constraints and current issues.

Participants will learn from a variety of subject matter experts on regulatory, business, political, legal, employment and training in the shipping industry. The course will be up to date with sessions on current issues.

Join us on Monday 25 September.


Maritime Labour Convention 

The Chamber will be hosting an online-only training course on Monday 30 October on the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC); how it has come to be the fourth pillar of international regulation for shipping, alongside SOLAS, MARPOL and STCW.

The course will be presented by Tim Springett and Hannah Gilbert of the Chamber.