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The following is an A-Z list of UK Chamber of Shipping members.


A&P - Associate Member 

A&P - Falmouth - British Tugowners Association Member 

A W Ship Management Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

ABB - Professional Member

ABL Group - Professional Member

ABS - Professional Member

ACL Shipbrokers - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

ACUA Ocean - Ship Owner

Addleshaw Goddard - Professional Member 

Africa Express Line - Ship Owner / Manager

Anglo Eastern - Professional Member

Anglo International Shipping Operations - Ship Owner / Manager

Apollo OE - BROA

AsstrA - Associate Member


Bachmann HR Marine Ltd - Professional Member 

BDO Services Ltd - Professional Member

Bibby Line Group Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Blackpool College - Professional Member 

BMT Group Ltd - Professional Member 

Boluda Towage - British Tugowners Association Member

Boluda Towage Caledonian - British Tugowners Association Member 

Boston Putford Offshore Safety Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

BP Shipping Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Britannia Aggregates Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Britannia Steamship - Professional Member 

Britannia Maritime Aid - Charity Member 

Bristol Steamship Owners Association - Associate Member 

British Antarctic Survey - Ship Owner / Manager

Brittany Ferries - Ship Owner / Manager 

Brodies LLP - Professional Member 

Brookes Bell Group - Professional Member

Bureau Veritas - Professional Member 


C Ro Ports London - Ship Owner / Manager

Campbell Johnston Clark - Professional Member 

Carnival UK - Ship Owner / Manager

Carmet Tugs - British Tugowners Association Member 

Cattewater Harbour - British Tugowners Association Member 

CEMEX UK Marine Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Century Marine - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

Chatham Rope Company - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

City of Glasgow College - Professional Member

Clarksons - Professional Member

ClassNK - Associate Member 

Clyde & Co -Professional Member 

Clyde Marine Recruitment - Professional Member 

Clyde Travel Management  - Professional Member 

CMA CGM (UK) Holdings Ltd - Professional Member

CMAL - Ship Owner / Manager 

CMS - Professional Member

Condor Ferries

 - Ship Owner / Manager

Conway Merchant Navy Trust- Charity Member 

CSL Europe Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager


Damen - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

David MacBrayne Ltd - Professional Member

DeepOcean UK Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Denholm Shipping Co Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

DFDS Seaways - Ship Owner / Manager 

DOF (UK) - Ship Owner / Manager 

Dolphin Drilling - British Rig Owners Association Member 

Dover Harbour Board - British Tugowners Association Member 

Drillmar - British Rig Owners Association Associate Member 

DNV - Professional Member


Electro-motive Diesel - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

Esvagt - Overseas Member 

Evergreen - Overseas Member


Fleet Management Europe - Ship Owner / Manager 

Fletcher - Ship Owner / Manager 

Floatel - British Tugowners Association Member

Forth Ports - British Tugowners Association Member

Fowey Harbour - British Tugowners Association Member

Frazer-Nash Consultancy - Professional Member 

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 


Gard UK - Professional Member 

Gardline Geosurvey Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Gibraltar Port Authority - Associate Member

GMS UAE - British Rig Owners Association Member 


Hadley Shipping - Ship owner

Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Heidmar- Associate member

Helix Well Ops - Ship Owner / Manager 

HFW - Professional Member

Hill Dickinson - Professional Member

Honourable Company of Master Mariners - Charity Member  

Houlder - Professional Member 

Hovertravel - Ship Owner


International Foundation for Aids to Navigation - Ship Owner / Manager

Ince - Professional Member 

Irish Ferries - Ship Owner / Manager

Isle of Man Steam Packet Co Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Isles of Scilly Steamship Co Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 


James Fisher & Sons Plc - Ship Owner / Manager

John H Whitaker (Tankers) Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

John Swire & Sons Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 


Lankhorst Ropes - British Tugowners Association Associate Member

Liverpool Seafarers Centre - Charity Member 

Lowland International - Professional Member

Lloyd’s Register - Professional Member


Maersk Drilling - British Rig Owners Association Member 

Maersk Supply Service Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Magical Cruises (Disney) - Ship Owner / Manager

Marine Scotland - Professional Member 

Marine Society & Sea Cadets - Charity Member 

Mission to Seafarers - Charity Member 

MRDS - British Tugowners Association Member 

MSC Cruises - Ship Owner / Manager 

mtu a Rolls-Royce solution - British Tugowners Association Member


National Marine Facilites (NERC) - Ship Owner / Manager 

National Oceanography Centre - Ship Owner

Nautical Institute - Professional Member

North of England P&I Association Ltd - Professional Member 

Northern Marine Management Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

North Star Shipping Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Norton Rose Fulbright - Professional Member 

Noble Caledonia - Ship Owner / Manager

Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS)  - Ship Owner / Manager


Orkney Islands Council - Ship Owner / Manager and British Tugowners Association Member

Orkney Ferries - Ship Owner

Ostenjo Rederi - British Tugowners Association Member

Outset Legal - Professional Member 

Oil Spill Response - Associate Member 


P&O Ferries Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Pennington Manches Cooper - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

Pinsent Masons LLP - Professional Member 

Portland Port - British Tugowners Association Member

Prosafe - British Rig Owners Association Member 

Prysmian PowerLink Services Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 


QBE - Professional Member 

Quadrise- Professional


RightShip - Associate Member 

Robert Wynn & Sons Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Royal Fleet Auxiliary - Ship Owner / Manager 

Royal Caribbean -   Ship Owner / Manager

Red Funnel - Ship Owner / Manager

Rina - Classification Society


Saga Cruises Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Seag8 – Ship Owner / Manager 

Samskip - Ship Owner / Manager 

Samson Rope - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

Sanmar Shipyards - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

Schneider Electric - Professional Member 

Scotline Marine Holdings - Ship Owner / Manager 

The Seafarers’ Charity- Charity Member  

Seafox - British Rig Owners Association Member 

Seapeak - Ship Owner 

Seajacks- British Rig Owners Association Member 

Seascope - Associate Member

Seatruck Ferries Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Serco Limited - Marine Services - Ship Owner / Manager and British Tugowners Association Member

Serco NorthLink Ferries - Ship Owner / Manager 

Serco INS - Ship Owner / Manager

Shelf Drilling - BROA Member

Shell Intl Trading and Shipping Co Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Shetland Islands Council (Ports and Harbours) - Professional Member and British Tugowners Association Member

Shetland Islands Council - Ferry Services - Ship Owner / Manager

Ship Safe Training Group - Professional Member 

Shipowners’ Club - Professional Member

SMS Towage - British Tugowners Association Member

Solstad Offshore (UK) Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

STC Publishing -  British Tugowners Association Member

Stella Maris - Charity Member

Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd - Associate Member

Stena Drilling - British Rig Owners Association Member 

Stena Line Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Stirling Salvage - British Tugowners Association Associate Member 

Stream Marine Training - Professional Member

Subsea 7 (UK Service Company) Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager

Svitzer - British Tugowners Association Member


Tarmac Marine Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Targe Towing - British Tugowners Association Member

The Clyde Group Ltd - Professional Member 

The Commissioners of NLB - Professional Member

The Standard Club - Professional Member

The Honourable Company of Master Mariners–  Charity Member

Tidewater - Ship Owner / Manager

Transocean - British Rig Owners Association Member 

Trinity House - Professional Member

Trident Employment - Professional Member

Tsakos - Overseas Member 

TechnipFMC - Ship Owner

Tug Advise- British Tugowners Association Associate Member 


UK P&I Club - Professional Member

UK Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association Ltd - Professional Member 

UZMAR -  British Tugowners Association Member 


V Ships UK Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Viking Maritime Group - Professional Member 

Voyonic Crew Management Group Limited - Associate Member

Vroon Offshore Services Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager


Watson Farley & Williams - Professional Member 

Waves Group - Associate Member 

Well-Safe Solutions - British Rig Owners Association Member

West of England Shipowners' Mutual Association - Professional Member

Western Ferries (Clyde) Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Wightlink Ltd - Ship Owner / Manager 

Williams Shipping - British Tugowners Association Member

Witherby Publishing Group - Professional Member