Maritime Nation: A guide for MPs

Maritime Nation: A guide for MPs

The UK Chamber has published a document aimed at helping new MPs understand the shipping industry.

Head of Communications Jonathan Roberts said at launch:

“The guide is a timely publication.  Just weeks into a new Parliament MPs’ minds are once again focused on the challenges facing the country.

“There is no doubt MPs have a huge role to play in legislation and regulation that affects the industry, but it is unreasonable to expect them all to understand the industry without support from experts.  That is the foundation of our efforts in Parliament – helping them to understand shipping.”

“Building active relationships with MPs is at the heart of our communications strategy.  These relationships, combined with a strong message, a clear and ambitious policy focus and regular media coverage will ensure the voice of the shipping industry is heard loud and clear by all we need to influence.”


Maritime Nation: A guide for MPs
Size 678.6 KB: Maritime_Nation_A_guide_for_MPs.pdf