IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design & Construction, 22-26 January 2018 - briefing

  • Published: 19th January 2018
  • Category: Briefings
  • Committee: Safety & Environment

The IMO's Sub-Committee on Ship Design & Construction (SDC 5) will take place 22-26 January in London and will be chaired by the UK. 

The Sub-Committee will progress the new chapter in SOLAS for the carriage of industrial personnel and the accompanying code. Safe mooring arrangements, which include design and operational considerations, will now likely include mooring ropes, adding somewhat to the complexity. Whilst the chamber favours the whole system approach, which includes ropes, this should only be if certification can be made simple. Preservation of electrical power after flooding in passenger ships has been on the agenda for some time and will be further discussed. Second generation intact stability has also been discussed for a number of years, with academics perpetuating ever more detailed theoretical analysis of the subject, which few believe relates to any current stability problems. The UK view is that this work should be terminated. Work on stability advice following flooding / provision of a stability computer for existing passenger ships will be finalised, although there is concern that older vessels may lack the necessary drawings to generate the required computer model. 

A full briefing by the International Chamber is attached. Members should direct any questions to



SDC 5 ICS brief
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