Weekly Bulletin

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Welcome to my first Bulletin since taking over as Chief Executive of the Chamber on Monday. I plan to use these weekly updates to keep you as members up to date on policy developments, events and relevant news. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please do let Karolina know.

My first week

After an opportunity to meet many key stakeholders during LISW, I’ve spent my first official week in Park Street getting to know the UKCS team. It has been fascinating to start my learning curve on how the industry is impacted by the big issues affecting us all – from sustainability to mental health, and of course post-Brexit and post-pandemic recovery. I’m particularly keen to meet as many Members as possible to understand how the Chamber can better serve your needs. Please get in touch with my PA Shirley. If you would like to have an introductory meeting, whether in person or virtually.

News from the Chamber

I am delighted to confirm that we have announced three new members recently, with Heidmar, Hovertravel and Campbell Johnston Clark all coming into membership. We are always looking to grow and diversify our membership and I know everyone at the Chamber is looking forward to working with them in the coming months.

The Department for Transport has this week announced details of their Transport Research and Innovation Grants programme (TRIG). This programme enables the DfT to fully fund proof-of-concept research projects supporting innovative ideas or concepts that will produce a better and cleaner transport system.

Four separate calls will offer grants up to £30k and offer 5 grants of up to £100k in the Future of Freight challenge. For more information on how to apply please head to our website.

Decarbonisation Webinar

On Monday 18th October at 9.15am we are holding a members-only webinar to explore the options for Market-Based Measures for the decarbonisation of international shipping. This will be an important step in formulating an informed, member-led position on the Chamber’s preferred MBM option. I would encourage all members with an interest in this area to register here.