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Vroon Safety Culture Charter

Safety Culture charter

What encouraged us at Vroon to get involved?

I have been very impressed by the efforts the Chamber is making to highlight safety in our industry, through the development of robust Safety Cultures. I was more than happy to put in some hours as a work group member and make a small contribution to this worthwhile effort.

Working in offshore, we have learned so much over the years about what makes a good culture – one that really works. We hope that sharing some of our expertise and experience will support this initiative.

So, when it comes down to the new Safety Culture Charter, to be honest, there isn’t a lot we don’t already do, so what is in it for US?

Well, a successful safety culture is not something a company can just “achieve”. It is more an inbuilt philosophy than an actual physical achievement. To obtain and safeguard a good safety culture involves a major change of mind-set; it is making safety a way of life rather than seeing it as a goal.

And then, once this safety culture is up and running, it needs to be nurtured, continuously reviewed and developed. It’s no good thinking that it can be finalised through a two-year plan, for example, or that you can tick off the box and rest on your laurels!

All this is what makes the Chamber’s Safety Culture Charter such a great tool! It helps us maintain the Vroon culture we already have in place, but also stimulates us to develop it even further.

By signing up to the Charter, all of us at Vroon are demonstrating our commitment to the continuous improvement of the company’s safety culture.

The Charter provides all those who join up a supporting framework in building and maintaining a top-notch, effective safety culture. And that is an initiative I am delighted to support.

 By Derek Leiper, QHSE Manager for Vroon 

Offshore Services North Western Europe Operations