UK Chamber of Shipping calls on the EU to ‘get serious’ if it wants to avoid a no-deal Brexit

The UK Chamber of Shipping represents 200 shipping related companies, including insurance and wider maritime-related services. Shipping is fundamental to the UK, moving 95% of all goods coming in and out of UK, while maritime services contribute £40 billion to GVA and support 1 million jobs across the country.

Bob Sanguinetti, CEO of the UK Chamber of Shipping, said:

“The shipping industry supports the Government’s White Paper on the basis that it maintains the UK’s status as a world-class place to do business.  Fundamentally, it resolves one of our biggest concerns – that delays in moving goods through ferry ports would cause gridlock on our road network. 

“We believe that better use of technology can reduce friction in ports, but the truth is that we are several years away from that being possible – and we do not have that kind of time. That’s why a negotiated agreement on the future UK-EU relationship is so important.

“We believe that this White Paper sets out a future relationship that is good for both the UK and the EU economy, and it deserves to be taken seriously.

“Just as importantly, it will put the UK at the forefront of global customs arrangements, streamlining the UK’s customs processes not just for European trade, but for trade with countries around the world – allowing the UK to further develop its status as a global trading nation.

“It is time now for the EU to get serious. The UK is being constructive, collaborative and realistic and now it’s time for the EU to respond in kind. We need to avoid further brinkmanship and both sides should urgently seek to reduce the risk of no deal. The EU should be under no illusions: a no-deal scenario would significantly damage the European economy as well as the UK’s. It is in nobody’s interests and should be avoided at all costs.”