UK Chamber responds to Brexit 'breakthrough' deal

Prime Minister Theresa May has struck a last-minute deal with the EU to move Brexit talks on to the next phase


Guy Platten, CEO of the UK Chamber of Shipping, has responded to progress made in the Brexit negotiations.

“We warmly welcome this significant breakthrough in the Brexit negotiations. Whilst the language of the agreement may be something of a fudge, it is clear that both sides have eventually shown some flexibility and pragmatism.  That same spirit should now be shown in discussions as to the future trading relationship - something that is of huge economic interest to both the UK and the EU27.  

“It is important to remember that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, so there must be no assumption that the next stage will be easier.  For that reason it is vital that European and British negotiators remember that open, free and fair trade is the best form of diplomacy, and a comprehensive trade relationship that allows goods to move through our ports without delay should be the target if we are to ensure long-term cooperation and friendship.

“It is clear, though, that this kind of brinkmanship is unhelpful to business.  We need as much certainty and clarity as possible, as soon as possible.  We cannot begin to plan for any transition, until we know what it is we are transitioning towards.  For that reason we hope detailed trade discussions can begin swiftly, without delay, and without political posturing.  

“We will continue to work hard working with the Government and EU during the next phase to ensure that shipping interests are fully  taken into consideration.”

The full details of the settlement can be viewed here.

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