UK Chamber launches Brexit Forum mini-site

The UK Chamber of Shipping has launched its Brexit Forum mini-site , which gives a comprehensive overview of the issues under negotiation and the priorities for the UK shipping industry.

The mini-site is free to access and includes the UK Chamber's position papers on issues such as Customs Arrangements, Trade and Institutions & EMSA.

The resource also compiles position papers by the UK Government and the European Union to give a holistic view of the issues under consideration.

It also includes a selection of the commentary produced by the Chamber as Brexit negotiations have progressed. 

Matthew Wright, Brexit policy advisor at the UK Chamber, said: 

"We hope that this new mini-site will engage members with our priorities for the UK shipping industry as the country exits the EU and clarify some of the finer issues.  There will be opportunities as well as challenges that come out of Brexit and our policy work continues to identify and appraise those areas."

For more information contact:

Matthew Wright

Policy Manager – Ferry and Cruise

020 7417 2834 / 07850 916142