UK Chamber joins the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking

The UK Chamber has joined forces with others across the transport industry in supporting an industry-led agreement to crack down on global wildlife trafficking.

The United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce declaration is a landmark agreement committing to take real steps to shut down the routes exploited by traffickers of the illegal wildlife trade from moving their products from killing field to marketplace.

The 11 point plan was drawn up by Lord Hague of Richmond, in consultation with leaders from the global transportation industry in the UK and overseas. The urgent need to combat illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking has received increased awareness in recent years, but it is clear that in order to fully tackle the trade the vulnerabilities of global transportation systems and customs capabilities must be addressed.

The declaration identifies how standards can be raised across the board and how the transportation industry, including shipping firms, port operators, customs agencies and international organisations might work together to share best practice, raise operational standards and provide support and advice at a global level.

To mark the signing the Duke of Cambridge visited the London Gateway Port to learn about the shipping industries’ coordinated approach to preventing transport infrastructure being exploited by traffickers through the sophisticated working relationships between the port operators, UK border force and shipping companies.

Of the declaration, the Duke of Cambridge commented;

“By implementing these commitments, the signatories can secure a game changer in the race against extinction. I thank them for their commitment and I invite any other company in the industry to sign up to the Buckingham Palace Declaration and play their part in the fight against the poaching crisis.”

The UK Chamber of Shipping is proud to support this initiative and members can learn more about the United for Wildlife project and the Buckingham Palace Declaration via their website. 

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