Tonnage Tax change brings boost for UK ratings


In one of its final acts before the General Election, the Government has amended the Tonnage Tax regulations to allow ratings to be trained under the Core Training Commitment.

Under the regulations, companies entered into Tonnage Tax are required to train new seafarers, but up until now this requirement has largely been limited to officers.  The new rules allow three ratings to be trained in lieu of one officer.

Guy Platten, CEO of the UK Chamber said:

“The UK Chamber has lobbied successfully for this change through its ‘Strategic Partnership’ with the Government. 

“There is no doubt that the Tonnage Tax regime has brought huge benefits to UK employment, but we recognised that ratings had not felt the full benefit and more needed to be done.  That’s why we lobbied for this change – both to promote career opportunities for UK ratings, but also to ensure shipping companies had the flexibility necessary to build a workforce appropriate to their own needs.”