Statistics and membership manager John Dowden retires after 40 years at the UK Chamber


John Dowden, the UK Chamber’s lead on statistics and membership development, retired this week after over 40 years’ service. A reception for current and former staff members was held on Tuesday evening to mark this special occasion and celebrate John’s successes.

John started work at the chamber on 28 August 1973 as a filing clerk. Obviously capable of greater things, he quickly moved up the ladder and eventually became head of statistics. Over the years, John has been instrumental in a range of important initiatives including the International Maritime Statistics Forum, well regarded from China to the US, and running an ECSA stats working group. John also played an important role in the maritime economists group who, in the late 1990s, helped convert John Prescott (soon to be Deputy PM) from a critic to a sponsor of the British shipping industry.

In more recent years, John has also been our Membership Development Manager and the increase in our membership base is a mark of John’s success in the role. That, alongside the renown of the UK Chamber’s stats work, will be his professional legacy.

John has for 40 years been a skilled and passionate advocate of both the UK Chamber and the shipping industry more generally. Everyone at the chamber wishes him the very best for his retirement.