Statement from the UK Chamber of Shipping on the Brexit deal

The UK Chamber of Shipping has welcomed reports that the UK Government and the European Union have reached agreement on the UK’s withdrawal.

Bob Sanguinetti, CEO of the UK Chamber of Shipping said:

“From the outset we have said that maintaining frictionless trade between the UK and the European Union is the absolute priority.  This Withdrawal Agreement appears to achieve that, to the benefit of businesses and consumers alike.

“We recognise the political difficulty this agreement will cause – any such agreement would do the same.  But with little more than four months to go before the end of the Article 50 process, MPs should think very carefully before attempting to halt this progress.  

“The alternative is a No-Deal scenario that would bring about unprecedented challenges and could do untold damage both to the UK and the EU." 

For more information contact:

Bob Sanguinetti

Chief Executive

020 7417 2842