Statement on the release of the Stena Impero

Today (27 September) the Stena Impero has been released. Our Chief Executive Bob Sanguinetti has reacted to the news.

He said:

“We welcome the news of the release the Stena Impero and her crew.

“It is imperative that all ships are permitted freedom of navigation without fear of interference. The recent events in the Middle East clearly demonstrates the need for international diplomacy to ensure stability in the region, underpinned by robust security to guarantee freedom of navigation.

“Global trade relies on the safe passage of goods. Without this, consumers and businesses could suffer with increased costs, particularly at the petrol pump.

“We will continue to work closely with the UK government and others to help guarantee the safety of ships and their crew in international shipping lanes.”

For more information contact:

Bob Sanguinetti

Chief Executive

020 7417 2842