Sir Michael Bibby has been re-elected as UK Chamber President for a second one-year term.

His re-election follows the UK Chamber of Shipping AGM on 14 March which also saw John Denholm re-elected as Vice President.

 Speaking at a reception following the AGM, Sir Michael said:

 “The UK Chamber has worked very hard on Brexit; we’ve been one of the most high profile business groups making our voice heard week in week out in the national media.  But behind closed doors we’ve been busy on the details of government policy and they have listened and adapted their proposals accordingly.

 “But the role has not just been about the lobbying on Brexit. The Chamber has excellent technical knowledge on all marine related matters from the environment, to ships safety, importing and exporting and tax so getting up to speed on these complex issues has been critical especially where members may have different opinions as to which is the best way forward. We led the way in driving change on carbon policy which helped ensure the IMO greenhouse gas strategy was adopted. We’ve continued to lead the way on developing a new safety culture and helped to ensure all 150 of the SMarT Plus placements were allocated, helping to ensure a career at sea was available to more and more young people.”

 You can find out more about Sir Michael’s priorities for the year ahead in this video below.