Sanguinetti hails maritime tech entrepreneurs

UK Chamber CEO Bob Sanguinetti has hailed young entrepreneurs as ‘the future of the UK’s contribution to the maritime world’.

 In an address to the Honourable Company of Master Mariners in the City of London, Mr Sanguinetti highlighted the role of liveries in the historic development of the shipping industry.

 He said:

 “For hundreds of years London’s livery companies have stood proudly as champions of collaboration, charity and education.

 “They’re a symbol of our national history and I would argue a symbol of our national future.  Respectful of tradition.  Excited about what’s to come.”

 He went on to hail the role of shipowners, shipmanagers and professional services in the UK, before arguing that technology and innovation  was changing the face of the UK as a maritime centre.

 “It’s true that other countries now own and operate more ships than we do.  The flags of other countries are more likely than our own to be flown from the back of a giant containership or tanker.  We shouldn’t worry unduly about that.

 “Because whilst our young entrepreneurs are not buying ships, they are developing the technologies required to run ships safely and efficiently.  They are developing software that allows companies to load and unload ships more quickly.  They are developing artificial intelligence to automate the supply chain.

 “Virtual Reality allows young seafarers to learn their craft.  Our universities and shipping lines are collaborating to develop cleaner and more efficient engines – and identifying ways to completely remove carbon from their emissions.  Collaboration is the key word here.

 This is the future of the UK’s contribution to the maritime world.  And it is hugely exciting.”