Safety Awareness Awards 2013 – winner announced


The 19th annual British Shipping Safety Awareness Awards ceremony took place at the UK Chamber earlier today. This year’s winning entry proposed specially designed floodlights to improve the visibility for cargo operations, aiming to decrease the risk of collision.

The awards celebrate the understanding of good safety practices amongst cadets and trainee ratings in the Merchant Navy and reward the original ideas of individuals, and their colleges, with cash prizes. The annual event is important in raising awareness amongst seafarers of the crucial and constant need for innovation in safety procedures.

Today’s ceremony was hosted by the UK Chamber’s Director-General Mark Brownrigg and returning sponsor Trinity House’s Deputy Master, Captain Ian McNaught, was on hand to present the awards after a welcome from Commodore David Squire.

Winner Grant McClusky, a deck cadet sponsored by North Star Shipping, came up with his innovative floodlight idea after he noted that poor visibility was often a problem during cargo operations carried out in darkness, leading to greater risk of collisions. Angus Ferguson from the City of Glasgow College, where Grant’s college time was spent, collected their first place award.

The second place cadet, Christopher Stevenson, also attends the City of Glasgow College where he is taking a Scottish Professional diploma, sponsored by North Star Shipping. His project incorporated ideas on improvements to rescue baskets carried on Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels.

Daniel Pile was the recipient of the third place prize for his suggestion of a more effective way to present an on-board safety meeting, including the use of appropriate technology. Daniel is on the degree programme at Plymouth University with his training organised by SSTG and sponsored by CMA CGM.

Images from today's ceremony can be viewed on the UK Chamber's Flickr account.