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As part of our brand-new membership series we take a look at organisations who are part of the UK Chamber of Shipping. In this edition, we look at one of our newest members, Marine Learning Systems.

Marine Learning Systems (MLS) is a rapidly growing provider of online learning and assessment software that meets the unique needs of the maritime industry.

MLS was established by Murray Goldberg, the founder of WebCT, the world’s first commercially successful learning management system (LMS). Since 2007, Murray has developed a new LMS for the marine industry, which was initially created from ground up to help BC Ferries’ specific training needs. MLS has grown to become the learning provider for some of the most prominent vessel operators in the industry.

At its core, MLS helps maritime organisations and businesses improve their staff training, learning and development. They are supporting the industry move towards a “blended training” approach and MLS provides tools to assess the ability of mariners to perform the skills required to safely and efficiently do their jobs.

MLS has partnered with world leading firms like Carnival to develop new innovative applications to help support learning anywhere that the crew operates. Learning can take place on land or on-board a ship, where content can dynamically adapt to the specific user’s role, rank, ship and route.

Commenting on their membership with the UK Chamber of Shipping Murray Goldberg, CEO and Founder of Marine Learning Systems siad:

“We look forward to being a part of the Chamber of Shipping and an active participant in the UK Shipping Industry. We are thrilled to see that operators are open to new training approaches, committed to improving their safety cultures and keen to engage their employees with well-developed blended learning programs. Marine Learning Systems is eager to support the Chamber of Shipping in any way possible with their safety culture and seafarer education initiatives."

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