Platten urges election campaigners to avoid using Brexit as a political tool

Guy Platten, CEO, comments on the announcement of a snap General Election, due to be held on the 8 June: 

"Over the next 50 days, those on the campaign trail must keep sight of the fact that we have negotiations ahead of us that will have far longer-term ramifications for Britain than a single election would do. We have less than two years to come to an agreement that will see Brexit work for us and every single day counts.

"The Chamber would urge those campaigning ahead of June 8 to remember that our ongoing negotiations with Brussels are not a political tool, but rather the process that could dictate the health of our economy for years to come.

"UK shipping accounts for 90% of Britain's international trade, and its ability to seamlessly move goods in and out of our ports will depend on the level of pragmatism that the Brexit negotiation process is approached with. The UK has a huge trade deficit with the European Union, so it is clearly in neither side’s interests to make trade more difficult.

"If the election produces a strong majority government, we will be in a far greater position to achieve a fair and mutually beneficial exit from the European Union.”

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