Photos from the UK Chamber's Safety Culture Forum on the Saga Pearl II

The UK Chamber held its Safety Culture Forum onboard Saga Cruises' vessel Saga Pearl II, which sailed from Greenock to Southampton on September 22-24th.

It was a hugely informative and enjoyable weekend in which we looked at how attendees can create a safety culture in their organisation and how to encourage staff to take a proactive and thoughtful approach to working safely. There will be much more on this topic on the UK Chamber's website soon.

Members can view videos from the forum here and should have already received presentations by email (if not, please get in touch).

We strongly encourage our members to contribute to our Safety Culture message board here to share expertise and near-miss incidents and to keep the conversation going. 

Our huge thanks go to our superb workshop facilitators, who gave expert insight into safety culture, and to Saga Cruises for their very generous hospitality. We hope to be able to hold the event again next year.

Safety Culture Forum on the Saga Pearl II - Sept 2017
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