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Matthew Wright

In the first of a new series of blogs from the UK Chamber of Shipping, we open up our doors and profile members of staff who work tirelessly to help improve UK shipping. In our first edition we hear from Policy Manager Matthew Wright. Matthew joined the UK Chamber of Shipping in 2017 and leads on Brexit policy as well as chairing the Ferry and Cruise panel. 

My interest in shipping started during my degree through the study of international trade law. Becoming aware of how the global economy functioned and the role of shipping within that fascinated me then and continues to do so fifteen years later.

I have worked across the shipping industry, previously as an analyst and Chartering Manager, as well as spending time at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). What motivated me to work for the Chamber was my increasing interest in how the public and private realms of shipping work together in governing the industry.

I have written two post-graduate dissertations on this topic. First, I considered the formation of the Maritime Labour Convention. Second, I considered how states and recognised organisations collaborated in agreeing new standards at the IMO. Both pieces of research concluded that in comparison with other areas of international law, maritime governance was fairly effective. 

Both pieces of research also concluded that the reason for such effectiveness was because of the positive contribution that business makes in producing such standards. Having worked for various shipping companies, I wanted to represent the UK shipping industry in making this positive and effective contribution. I am now proud to do so.

At the Chamber, I organise Brexit meetings between the Chamber and industry leaders, as well as our Ferry and Cruise panel. By leading work with our Brexit Core Group, I am working directly with industry leaders, helping influence the policy position of the Chamber and working closely, and influencing, the Government on the biggest political decision of our time.

Through the Ferry and Cruise Panel, which I organise and is chaired by Les Stracey of Stena Line, we have now adopted a new strategy which identifies areas of mutual interest for both the industry and Government to improve.

Biggest success at the Chamber?

Highlighting the importance of a good deal between the UK and EU for shipping.

Person I most admire?

I admire Robin Knox-Johnson for his tenacity and his outlook on life. I was privileged to meet him through my work at the Chamber and in meeting him, my inspiration only grew.

Favourite Maritime event?

I have two favourite maritime events. The first is Matthew Flinders’ circumnavigation of Australia. This 19th century Lincolnshire lad took a far more considerate approach to the charting of the world compared to some of his contemporaries. My second is the experience of Grace Darling who inspires me to act more on impulse.

Interested in finding out more about our Brexit policy? Contact Matthew here

For more information contact:

Matthew Wright

Policy Manager – Ferry and Cruise

020 7417 2834 / 07850 916142