Mission to Seafarers benefits from annual employment survey

The Department for Transport (DfT) has donated £2,500 to maritime charity The Mission to Seafarers on behalf of UK shipping businesses that contributed to its annual survey of seafarer employment.

The charitable donation provides an incentive for companies to respond to the survey, which is conducted each year on behalf of DfT by the UK Chamber of Shipping among its shipowning members and the wider shipping UK shipping sector. 

The survey captures key data about UK shipping companies’ seafaring workforce, such as the number of those employed, their qualifications, what roles they work in, plus gender and age profiles. 

“These figures are essential in providing a key evidence base for the DfT in their annual Seafarer Statistics publication. The data gives a clear idea of current trends and the status of seafarer employment in the UK – in other words, where the industry is at right now,” explains Robert Merrylees, Policy Manager & Analyst at the UK Chamber, who manages the survey for the Chamber. 

The annual Seafarer Statistics publication also makes use of Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) data on certificated officers and officer cadets. 

“The Mission to Seafarers is delighted to have been nominated by the DfT and the UK Chamber of Shipping to be the beneficiary of this donation. This annual survey of seafarers’ employment is a very helpful piece of research that can be used by companies, government and charities alike in assisting strategic decisions,” said Jan Webber, Director of Development for The Mission to Seafarers. 

One such policy is likely to be the continuing work to encourage more women to go to sea. The 2016 study, which can be accessed here, found that women made up just 3% of the 14,815 UK certificated officers included in the survey (see graphic below). 

The gender ratio was slightly better among UK uncertificated officers, of whom 25% were women; and among ratings, of whom females accounted for 32% of the workforce. 

DfT will publish findings from the 2017 survey on 30th May 2018.

women at sea infographic 2016

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