CEO Update: Crew change issues continue

Last Friday evening the Home Secretary announced plans for 14-day quarantine rules for anyone entering the country. We were pleased to see that our lobbying efforts had worked and seafarers, offshore and other maritime workers were excluded from the list of people who will be required to self-isolate. 

Those exempted from quarantining will still be required to provide journey and contact details when travelling to the UK though. This will be done using an online form, which is not yet available. Travellers might be asked to show that they have completed the form when they arrive in the UK. We will check the practicality of the online form once it becomes available but if you need more information on the scheme please go to our website or get in contact with our Policy Director Tim Springett.

We continue to raise the issue of seafarer welfare and the need for crew changes to take place with organisations like the ICS and the IMO and we continue to press the UK government to ensure it is doing all it can with other governments to get crew changes to take place. The ICS yesterday issued updated guidance for the global shipping industry to ensure ship operators and crew can safely deal with seafarers struggling with medical conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. The new guidance should serve as a reassurance to governments and port authorities that it is fully possible to conduct crew changes in a safe and effective manner.

Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) has just published a survey of the impact of Covid-19 on seafarers and it is clear that many lives have been impacted significantly. To help raise the profile of the issue and to help raise funds our member Ince has partnered with global maritime welfare charity Sailors’ Society, to raise awareness for the plight of seafarers. Ince's Senior Partner, Julian Clark who was previously a professional musician, has donated a track, ‘From the Sea I’ll Come Home’, to Sailors’ Society. You can download the track here.

At the Chamber we pride ourselves on running industry leading courses and events. As we move forward and start hosting these online the first course we’ll be running is the Introduction to Shipping course on 23 June. This is an excellent course which can act as training for any members of your workforce who may be furloughed. More details on the course, its contents and how to sign up will follow next week but if you have any questions about future events please get in touch with our Head of Membership Tony Jerome.