Celebrating the importance of UK shipping with Seafarers Awareness Week and the Day of the Seafarer


The Chamber is looking forward to Seafarers Awareness Week, 25 June to 1 July, the annual campaign to raise awareness of Britain’s dependence on seafarers. Run by leading maritime welfare charity Seafarers UK, the event aims to remind people that as an island nation, with 95% of our imports coming in by ship, the work seafarers do is absolutely vital.

We rely on imported fuel for our power stations, our hospitals and our cars. More than half of our food is imported – and almost all of that comes by ship. However, despite no one in the UK living more than 70 miles from the sea, many are ‘blind’ to our vital industry. The Chamber is therefore encouraging members and the public to get involved and ‘remember a seafarer’ – relation, friend or shipmate; working or retired – and add their personal stories to the My Seafarer website

The week will kick off on Monday 25 June, when the IMO marks the second annual Day of the Seafarer. They will be getting people thinking about the things we couldn’t live without and how they got here with their campaign slogan “thank you seafarers”. 

People worldwide will be asked to thank those working in the industry for bringing them the things they rely on every day – from medical equipment to clothes, their iPhone to the office supplies they use daily. “It came by sea and I can’t live without it!” is the message, and the Chamber will spread this through its website and social media platforms. To get involved, tweet a message to us @britishshipping, the IMO @IMOHQ and @SeafarerDay using the hashtag #thankyouseafarers. 

Seafarers UK provides annual grants of £2.5m to support seafarers in need, from across the Merchant Navy, Fishing Fleets, Royal Navy and Royal Marines, and their families. For more information visit their website or get in touch via email.