Blog: Shipping must 'stand out' in recruitment drive

Rachel Gurnett blogs on National Careers Week and the Careers At Sea campaign

The UK has a very diverse economy, with many different industries and trades competing to attract the talents of an equally diverse group of people entering the jobs market.  

In that environment it is all the more important for the shipping industry to stand out from the crowd.  A career at sea comes with its challenges and difficulties of course, but seafaring is a career that gives people from all backgrounds the opportunity to succeed.

That is why the Careers at Sea campaign sponsored National Careers Week for a second year running, hosting Tidal Tuesday – a day dedicated to promoting the merchant navy to young people. Companies, employers, colleges and Careers at Sea Ambassadors across the UK joined in the focus day to promote cadetship and apprenticeship opportunities. With their nation-wide support, we were able to reach young people and careers advisers who may have never considered our industry as a career option. 

What is clear to me is that there is talent out there and people genuinely are interested in a career at sea – we can see that from the thousands of young people who visited our website throughout Tidal Tuesday.

But we need to provide a way of converting that nascent interest into higher queries and applications. Careers at Sea is working hard to ensure that the information on maritime careers is out there; there are pathways into the Merchant Navy and we encourage you can be part of it. We are being more ambitious and continuing to sponsor careers fairs and initiatives like National Careers Week, with the support of our Careers at Sea Ambassadors, colleges and companies alike. 

So why not join us in our campaign? Our Ambassadors are a brilliant team of people with a variety of seafaring backgrounds who give their free time to share their experiences with schools and youth groups across the UK. You can support them in their work; whether that be joining the Careers at Sea Ambassador team, hosting open days or sharing some of the work they are already doing. To reach our ambitious goals, we need to grow our volunteer team. Schools and careers advisers all over the UK want to hear more from us, so let’s help spread the word!

If you’ve had seafaring experience, I’d encourage you to consider becoming an Ambassador.  If you know people who do, share this information with them.   You can find out more here.

Now is the time to actively spread the word of the fantastic opportunities at sea to the future generation of seafarers. Help them be part of it!

For more information contact:

Rachel Gurnett

Training and Careers Manager

020 7417 2825 / 07471 357035