Blog from Marine Learning Systems: Leveraging Your Training Platform In Times Of Change

For many of us, our day-to-day lives have greatly changed. And organizations are turning to technology to solve some of the problems created by the impacts of this pandemic. As a training management platform provider, we have seen many of our customers quickly adapt. The following are examples of how some are using learning software to innovate and respond.

Rapid, regular communication with a dispersed workforce

One of our customers has thousands of employees working on hundreds of vessels across the world. With such a globally dispersed workforce, delivering timely information is incredibly challenging, especially when their vessels out at sea have unreliable connectivity. In times of crisis, rapid and regular communication from management is crucial to share critical information and to reassure employees.

This customer is now using their learning management system (LMS) to deliver regular podcasts and videos from management. The podcasts and videos represent a direct communication channel to crew and contain the latest information that their employees need. On the same day that a video is created, it is immediately placed onto their LMS home page and rapidly disseminated to all employees. In addition, their LMS tracks when and how much these videos are being watched to gauge employee engagement and impact.

Transition classroom-based training to online eLearning

Like the education sector, one obvious way to adhere to social distancing recommendations is to move as much training as possible online.

One of our newer customers has fast tracked their transition to online training by rapidly moving all their terminal and deck training to their LMS. While they were already in the process of implementing a blended learning model for more effective training, this process was greatly sped up in response to public health official recommendations. They were able to cancel all instructor-led training so their employees could complete their courses at home in a safe learning environment.

Deliver Just-in-time Training

Finally, many customers have been leveraging their LMS to deliver relevant, just-in-time training. Some use their online bulletin board or homepage spaces to provide COVID-19 related documents and courses, such as hand washing procedures, fact sheets, updated screening procedures and more. Some have also included short exams and employee acknowledgements to track the training and ensure the key points are learned.

Local and international health authorities, regulators and even content providers are continually releasing new, freely available resources. A responsive LMS provider allows operators to stay on top of such content and to quickly distribute this information.

As a community, let us continue to share best practice to ensure that we all get through this intact and as quickly as possible.