Blog by BTA Chairman: Government must ensure key workers are protected as lockdown is eased

Scott Baker

Scott Baker, Chairman of the British Tugowners Association explains how it is imperative key workers are helped as lockdown rules are eased.

We have all seen over the past few months the extraordinary lengths to which our key workers are going in order to keep us safe. We have all heard the stories of our amazing nurses, doctors, care workers and other health workers. They have been on the front line and we all owe them so much.

Other key workers including seafarers, tug crews, offshore workers, port workers and others involved in maritime operations have all played a key role in keeping the country open and trading. On behalf of the British Tugowners Association I want to thank all our key workers and those involved in the shipping and maritime sector for all you’ve done.

As we head into the reset and recover phase of the pandemic, we have seen restrictions eased by the UK government. Although there seems to be some disagreement between politicians in the four countries about the speed that restrictions are lifted and on what parts of the economy, there is consensus across the board that the UK is coming out of the severest part of the lockdown.

And while we all welcome the opportunity to get out, to start to see friends and family from a safe distance, we must heed caution. It is imperative key workers are not exposed to unnecessary risk which could jeopardise their health and their ability to carry out important work.  

Key workers have kept the country supplied and functioning over the last few months and the last thing any of us want to see is a second spike in infections.

Key workers have and continue to play a vital role and as we ease the lockdown rules it is imperative the government ensures their health and safety and to not ease restrictions too fast. As a nation we have come too far to jeopardise the health of so many.