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The UK Chamber of Shipping is partnering with ITN Productions to produce a news and current affairs-style programme exploring the importance of the UK shipping industry, focusing on safety and environmental issues.

‘Sea Change’ will bring to life the importance of safety at sea and how this can be improved through training and technological innovation. With a diverse range of careers at sea available, increasing safety awareness among the workforce is now more important than ever.  

The environmental impact of the shipping industry is under increasing scrutiny and complex new carbon reporting schemes are being discussed at an international level. The UK Chamber of Shipping is working with its members to commit to reducing carbon emissions from shipping. ‘Sea Change’ will highlight why this work is so vital and will look at wider environmental issues and initiatives.

Drawing upon ITN’s 60-year heritage and expertise in storytelling, the news-style programme will combine key interviews and reports with sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations.

The programme will premiere at a UK Chamber of Shipping launch event in November and form part of an extensive communications campaign featuring members of the chamber, industry partners, government, plus relevant journalists, writers and bloggers.

 “Working with ITN has given the shipping industry a new way to tell its story.  We know there is incredible work going on to make the shipping industry cleaner and safer, but much of that work is hidden.  This year, we are determined to give our members an opportunity to show off its work, and to prove to the world that shipping is taking its environmental and safety obligations seriously," said Jonathan Roberts, Communications Director, UK Chamber of Shipping.

Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions, said: “ITN Productions is delighted to be partnering with the UK Chamber of Shipping again. We’re excited to embark on a programme that explores the perception, challenges and future of the shipping industry. With safety at sea so vital we are looking forward to exploring the training and development now available within the sector, as well as delving into the environmental impacts of the industry.”

For more information, or to participate in the programme, please contact James Linden, Programme Director at ITN Productions, on 0207 430 4228 or email him.  

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