ARX Maritime joins the UK Chamber of Shipping

Welcome to new Chamber member, ARX Maritime!

The UK Chamber of Shipping is delighted to welcome new member ARX Maritime to the organisation.

ARX Maritime was founded with the goal of protecting seafarers across the world while enhancing the security and safety of global maritime operations. They offer risk management products and services to shipping companies by providing effective & efficient cutting-edge solutions and hardware to vessels sailing into high-risk areas.  ARX Maritime is owned by the Castellum Group.

Castellum Group is a newly established Scottish venture focused on procuring a fleet of vessels under time charter, whilst promoting the depth of knowledge and experience for safety, security and smart shipping.

Josh Hutchinson, ARX Maritime CEO said“ARX Maritime are a UK company focused on Pioneering Change for Safer Seas. ARX Maritime understands the needs for the support from the UK Chamber of Shipping and their mission to be the voice for UK shipping industry, whilst, as a member, being our champion and protecting the industry’s future.”

A delighted Tony Jerome, the UK Chamber of Shipping’s new Head of Membership & Business Development said, 

“It is great to welcome such an innovative company like ARX Maritime to the UK Chamber of Shipping membership. Having recently met with Josh Hutchinson and their Chief Operation’s Officer, Steve Regis, it was exciting to hear their passion for the security and safety side of their business and their plans to purchase vessels in the near future. We hope ARX will enjoy all of our membership benefits and their expertise and experience will help strengthen the UK Chamber’s voice.”

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Tony Jerome

Head of Membership & Business Development