£350 million Aberdeen Harbour expansion toured by UK Chamber of Shipping CEO

The UK Chamber of Shipping’s Chief Executive, Bob Sanguinetti, yesterday visited the Aberdeen South Harbour expansion to see how the £350 million project will provide increased capacity for vessels coming into the north-east of Scotland.

The expansion, which is the largest marine construction project under way in the UK, will see one of the UK’s busiest ports transformed with new facilities and infrastructure. The new development will enable the harbour to diversify and take advantage of the future opportunities in oil and gas, renewables and the cruise industry.

 Speaking after his visit, UK Chamber of Shipping CEO Bob Sanguinetti said:

 “It was a privilege to see first-hand the amazing work taking place at Aberdeen South Harbour. The £350 million scheme is the largest marine construction project under way in the UK today and the new development will not only provide a huge increase in capacity for vessels coming into the north-east of Scotland, it will also boost both the local and national economy.

 “At the UK Chamber of Shipping we know just how vital the maritime industry is to Scotland. From ship management, to maritime lawyers, ship builders and training colleges, Scotland is a world leader, and Aberdeen is at the beating heart of this.”

During his visit to Aberdeen, Bob Sanguinetti also spoke at Aberdeen Harbour Board’s annual stakeholder event, which was held as the international energy industry gathered in Aberdeen for the bi-annual Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition.  Mr Sanguinetti spoke about the success of the Scottish maritime industry and the importance the UK Chamber puts on ensuring that the UK shipping industry is at the forefront of tackling climate change.

 In his speech, Bob Sanguinetti said:

 “The energy transition in shipping is right at the top of our list. It is not just a policy issue. Climate Change is the biggest challenge our society faces, and we simply cannot afford inaction.

 “The UK Government launched the Clean Maritime Plan that is even more ambitious for shipping – it requires all-new ships trading in UK waters, both international and domestic, to be designed with zero-emission capable technologies.  And to have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The targets set are a huge challenge.

 “The UK has always been a great maritime nation, and, in my humble view, the UK will continue to be a great maritime nation. We need to seize the opportunities going forward.  We need to develop new technologies and fuels.  And we need to work in very close partnership across the sector, in order to meet the targets set and continue to be a world leader in the fight against climate change.”

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