15 December 2020 | Single Use Plastic in the Marine Environment

  • Published: 12 Nov 2020
  • Last updated: 10 Dec 2020
  • Date: 15 Dec 2020
  • Start time: 10 a.m.
  • End time: 11 a.m.



Join us on December 15th to discuss Marine Plastic Litter in the Marine Environment.

Single-use plastic is a threat to life in the ocean and the planet as a whole. It is estimated there are over 150 million tonnes of plastic in the world’s oceans and every year one million birds and over 100,000 sea mammals die from the ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic waste. It is estimated that plastic in the sea will treble by 2025.

During this 60 minute webinar, we will bring together Linden Coppell from MSC Cruises, Fazilette Khan from Greenseas Trust, Stephen Alexander from The International Marine Purchasing Association and James Severn from Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP. They will present the work they are doing to reduce their plastic consumption, and will dive into the future possibilities and challenges facing the industry as we try to alter our dependency on plastic.

James Severn, Partner, Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP

James Severn is a partner in the Marine, Trade and Energy team at international law firm Penningtons Manches Cooper. James advises shipowners and their insurers on a wide range of shipping disputes and has particular expertise in marine personal injury, passenger shipping and towage. His clients include tug owners, P&I insurers and international cruise companies.

Linden Coppell, Director of Sustainability, MSC Cruises

As Director of Sustainability, Linden aims to ensure that MSC Cruises grows in a sustainable way. In this role, Linden works in collaboration with numerous internal and external partners. She established the Executive Chairman-led Sustainable Advisory Board, responsible for approving actions to meet the sustainability goals of the business and ensuring sustainability is embedded across the entire organisation.

Linden has a solid background in environmental protection and sustainability, with experience both as a consultant and in the corporate environment.  As a consultant this included working on many diverse projects in Hong Kong and the South East Asia region, including the implementation of environmental management systems and developing environmental and sustainability reporting regimes for government and non-government clients.

She joined Cathay Pacific as the Manager Environmental Affairs in 2003 and in 2009 took up a position at Etihad Airways, initially as Head of Environment and then as Head of Sustainability for the Etihad Aviation Group.

Linden led several successful projects including instigating the voluntary carbon offset program ‘Fly Greener’ at Cathay Pacific and leading the drive towards sustainable alternative fuels at Etihad. The latter including facilitating the longest flight using alternative fuels into the Middle East in 2014 and then enabling a flight powered using sustainable biomass grown and refined into jet fuel in the UAE, a first for the region. 

Fazilette Khan, Greenseas Trust

Fazilette Khan is a seasoned seafarer having spent 30 years in the merchant navy sailing on vessels of every size and type. Her last role at sea was working as an environmental officer for a major a cruise line.

Fazilette is passionate about protecting the marine environment having witnessed the degradation of seas and coastal areas by litter. She set up the marine environmental charity, GreenSeas Trust in memory of her mother Haida Khan, in 2003.

The charity's latest project the BinForGreenSeas provides a thought-provoking alternative to ordinary public waste bins. The 1.5 metres, lifebuoy shaped bins, with the tagline, "Throw Marine Life a lifeline," visually educates people about the marine plastics problem, whilst also being a practical receptacle to recycle plastics.

Fazilette, sees her role as its founder trustee as a natural succession to her seafaring past, wanting others to enjoy litter free seas for many generations to come.

Last month, Fazilette was awarded the Merchant Navy Medal for services to the marine environment.

Stephen Alexander, Secretary General and COO, The International Marine Purchasing Association

Stephen is the Secretary General and COO at IMPA, International Marine Purchasing Association, has held various non-exec. director roles and worked as trustee in charity and not-for-profit sectors.

He began his career in business and marketing and soon found his way into the shipping industry, he is a fierce advocate for creativity and over the past ten years has become something of a domain specialist in the field of CSR and Sustainability.
Stephen was instrumental is forming the industry’s premier RSCM (Responsible Supply Chain Management) programme aligned to the UN Guiding Principles that represented a world first in the arena. This year he formed a working group under the IMPA SAVE banner which brings together ship owners and managers to work together to reduce the procurement and use of plastic at sea. He is active in developing programmes around waste management and green procurement issues alongside managing the IMPA portfolio.

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