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COVID-19 Pilotage & Vessels – Draft flow chart and guidance

The following draft flow chart covers the broad principles of steps to undertake during pilotage. This has been produced in a format that can be edited so people can adapt it locally as they see fit. 

The flow chart also helps clarify the key questions and clarifications industry needs from Government and Agencies at a national level.

Additionally the attached guidance note has been prepared in consultation with a collection of UK maritime trade associations and is designed to give some non-prescriptive options to help pilotage authorities remain resilient. The guidance is intended to supplement other local transfer advice such as already exists or be integrated, either in full or in part, where appropriate. It does not attempt to alter or replace the safety advice contained in the Pilotage Boarding and Landing Code or any Workboat Codes merely highlight procedures that will contribute to limiting the risks presented by infectious diseases such as COVID-19. The guidance is non statutory and harbour authorities may wish to use sections as appropriate.